Nurturing Peace Priests

Nurturing Peace Priests

Help a wave of peace wash over South Sudan after decades of bloodshed and violence

How do you bring peace to a country that has been at war with itself for decades? Most of the people were born into war and instability - violence that continues to this day.

Missio's Society of St Peter the Apostle supports the training of the Church's future leaders in the 1,069 mission dioceses around the world which are too young or too poor to support themselves. St Paul's Major seminary in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, opened in 1986. Here 77 young men from many different tribes are spending eight years together training to become priests.

The challenges these young men face are immense. There is no proper library and text books are in short supply. Classes are taught in temporary structures of wood and branches. Even providing food for the students and staff is difficult. The seminarians keep pigs and guinea fowl, but the land is too poor to grow vegetables and maize.

Despite these set-backs, Fr Stephen Ameyu, the Dean of Studies at the seminary, has begun a specific course in peace and justice. This will help the new priests show the way to a people who have known only revenge and bloodshed as a way to settle disputes.

By helping to fix the small things, like buildings and books, your gift today helps seminary teachers to concentrate on helping young minds and hearts develop into the peace-makers of tomorrow.

Your gift will make you part of an amazing transformation.

Every young priest that you help to train will change lives in their communities. They will be living examples of tribal differences put aside and of coming together in harmony. Every Mass these new priests celebrate, every child they baptise, every school they teach in and every family they meet will hear the Gospel of peace.

A regular donation of £12 per month will help train more courageous young men who will share the Gospel of peace with their communities

  • £23 could help cover basic food costs for the teachers and students
  • £35 could provide books and classrooms
  • £96 could help towards vital building construction and repairs and allow more young men to train

Seminaries in South Sudan and around the world are full of young men who dream of bringing love and hope to the world through the Word of God. With your help, during their years of training, they will succeed in joining a wave of peace as it washes South Sudan and the world, clean of violence and hate. Please make a special donation to the SPA or consider sponsoring a seminarian.