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    Baby warehouses

    by Missio on 7th March 2018

    In the forgotten slums of south Tel Aviv, eight babies in just over a year have died in illegal ‘baby warehouses’ where one person attempts to care for up to 40 children. They are victims of a system that forces parents to choose between destitution and illegal childcare services. [more…]

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    Mission Together in Lent 

    by Claire Colleran on 12th February 2018

    This Lent we are asking schools and parishes to arrange a sponsored cricket match to raise money for children like Ajay, so that missionaries like Sister Ruby can continue to bring hope and health to the children living in poverty on the tea estates of Sri Lanka. Read more on our news page. [more…]

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    A Very Special Gift Box

    by Claire Colleran on 18th December 2017

    On a very cold December morning there was a warm glow emanating from St Anthony’s Girl’s Catholic Academy, Sunderland. St Anthony’s were holding their annual Faith Festival and amongst the many faith leaders and organisations invited to participate, was Missio, the Catholic Church’s official charity for overseas mission.  [more…]

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    Pope Francis says 'Thank you'

    by Stephen Davies on 16th October 2017

    Pope Francis recently said 'thank you' to you - Missio supporters - at the General Assembly of the Pontifical Mission Societies (Missio) in Rome. Watch the clip below. [more…]

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    Help bring peace to South Sudan

    by Missio on 10th October 2017

    The conflict continues; more and more people are hungry, homeless and terrified. South Sudan is on the brink of collapse but with the support of Missio, Bishop Paride Taban is trying his utmost to bring peace to his people [more…]

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    Clifton Mission Masses 2017

    by Stephen Davies on 5th October 2017

    Once again, Fr Gary Brassington - Missio's Diocesan Director for Clifton Diocese, and Br Eddie Slawinski mhm - the Red Box Diocesan Organiser for Clifton Diocese, will be travelling across the diocese this autumn. [more…]

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    Pounds for pounds

    by Stephen Davies on 4th September 2017

    The ‘old’ pound coins stop being legal tender on 15 October. [more…]