Mission Together Newsletter

A free yearly newsletter for children in England and Wales

Mission Together provides a free yearly newsletter for children in England and Wales. It aims to encourage children to pray and share and to become aware that they belong to the universal family of God. It focuses on one developing country each year and aims to educate children about other young people all over the world.

Mission Together materials include:

  • Assemblies
  • Classroom activities
  • Advent, Lent and Summer Liturgies
  • CDs with photos, videos, music and more
  • The topics are designed to fit in with the Come and See national RE programme, but can easily be used independently or with any other RE scheme.

Mission Together materials can also support teachers' Global Dimensions work on topics including social justice, sustainable development, and human rights.

For free materials or to arrange a school assembly, please contact your Diocesan Director or go to the Mission Together Website: www.missiontogether.org.uk.