Mission Today: Pakistan

Helping the Kutchi Kohli escape the bonds of poverty

'Imagine working two years, toiling in the hot sun and the monsoon rain, growing crops for an employer who is also your landlord, only for him to refuse payment, simply because he can?

To the poverty-stricken Kutchi Kohli families of Sindh province, this is a common reality. Because with no education, money or protection from the law, there is little they can do.

My name is Father Brendan Mulhall, a Mill Hill missionary working in rural Pakistan. To me there can be no more lovable and loving people. Despite their material poverty and all the problems that come with it, they are generous with so little, welcoming and hospitable.

As a minority, they are on the fringes of society. Their homes are little more than shacks, open to the weather and they are often treated almost as slaves by the local landowners. I believe our task is to make sure they are not forgotten and to bring to them both practical help and the love of God through the Gospel.'

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You can help the Kutchi Kohli escape the bonds of poverty

'One of the few ways the Kutchi Kohli can free themselves from a poverty-stricken life is through learning, which gives them the choice to move to the cities and find work. The Mission school offers adult literacy classes and is also one of the few chances that children, particularly girls like Miran*in the photograph, have of an education.

Health is also an issue; even a minor illness can quickly become a major problem, as there is no money to pay for treatment and no health service. The Mill Hill Mission  provides what simple medical aid it can.

Sometimes though, it is the love of God that can make the biggest difference to people's lives, bringing hope to the hopeless and love to the unvalued. We pray with people, and worship with them in their homes, even with those who are not Christians. We walk alongside them in their struggles and hope, that in doing so, they will see that God is with them; He has not abandoned them.'

A life devoted to the downtrodden of Pakistan

'I have spent most of my ordained life trying to make a difference to the poorest and marginalised of Pakistan. I come from Liverpool and after I was ordained was sent there almost immediately as a Missionary, spending 32 years there before returning to the UK. About two years ago I returned and have been there ever since.

The help of generous supporters like you mean my team and I can continue making a vital difference to the lives of children like Miran and their families.'

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