Secondary School Resources for the Seasons of Lent 

For 2018, Missio have produced Stations of the Cross, to be used as a Powerpoint liturgy or printed as posters. Praying the Station of the Cross is a powerful way to identify Christ’s suffering with our own and that of the world. These accessible and simple stations encourage young people to reflect on the lessons communicated through Jesus' journey to the cross and apply them to contemporary issues. Missio's stations are available to download below. 

In addition to our Stations of the Cross, Missio has also produced a series of assemblies to accompany each week of Lent. These explore the meaning of Lent with reference to scripture, mission, and Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Scroll below to download the PowerPoint presentation and accompanying presentation notes

For primary school Lent assemblies, activities and our much loved Lenten calendar, please visit Missio's children's branch: Mission Together.

We hope you find these resources useful. Misio welcomes your comments on these and our other school materials. Please send your thoughts to education2@missio.org.uk