Knights of St Columba - National Campaign

You can help train the Church leaders of tomorrow

We are delighted to be working with the Knights of St Columba for the final year of a three year project. Thank you for your continuing support of Missio in Scotland and in England and Wales, living out our baptismal call to be missionaries of God's love.

In many mission dioceses there are increasing numbers of students for the priesthood and religious life. As their communities are poor, their training is undertaken with basic facilities. Through Missio's Society of St Peter the Apostle (the SPA), your spiritual and financial support help train 30,000 future priests and 11,000 religious sisters in mission dioceses worldwide every year.

Missio's SPA is the only charity which supports every diocesan seminarian in all 1,069 dioceses around the world. This unique role has been given to Missio's SPA by the Pope to ensure that poor countries can train new priests for the future.

Through the SPA you can ensure that no one who has a vocation to serve the Church is turned away through lack of money. In mission dioceses it costs at least £700 a year to train a seminarian; the local church raises around £200 annually for each student but it isn't enough. Any gift you give will make a difference to the number of priests the Church can train.


Your Donations

  • £50 could help buy essential books for seminary students in India
  • £100 could help feed a seminary student in Nigeria for six months
  • £2000 could help train a seminary student in a mission diocese for four years


You can share the gift of faith by supporting vocations where the Church is new or poor

Faith is a gift that is very much alive. It is these men and women of faith who reach out to people of all faiths and none. As Pope Francis reminds us, 'To become a priest or religious is not primarily our choice; it is our answer to a calling, a calling of love.' Can you help more men and women to answer that call?

Training Priests for the Future

You may want to watch the short film below, which focuses on seminarians and novices in formation in Africa who are answering God's call of love.