Celebrating volunteers

Volunteers' Week 2018: Thank you!

Posted by Stephen Davies on Thu 17th May, 2018 in News

Almost every parish in England and Wales – over 2,500 of them – has a Local Secretary – the coordinator for the Red Box collections in their parish.

Most parishes also have other volunteers, including Treasurers to keep track of the finances, Promoters to help collect the money and deliver copies of Mission Today.

There are also many wonderful people who volunteer their time to go into schools and talk with children about how they, too, can be missionaries.

And there are several highly dedicated people who give their weekends to visit parishes and make the 'Red Box Appeal' to say thank you for people who have a Red Box and encourage others to have one.

To all of these thousands of volunteers who give of their time and energy so generously, we say a huge thank you!

People like Fr Henry and Anne in Malawi would not get the support they need without those wonderful volunteers.

It’s yet another example of people here in the UK taking up their Baptismal call to be missionaries.

Next time you see your local volunteers, please do say thank you. And if you would like to help out yourself, speak to your parish priest or Local Secretary.