Mission Together in Westminister

Bishop John Arnold celebrates a special Mission Together mass

Posted by Claire Colleran on Thu 5th April, 2018 in News

Two hundred pupils from schools in Westminster Diocese joined Bishop John Wilson for Mass in the church of Our Lady of the Holy Souls, Kensal New Town, to celebrate the Feast of St Peter and St Paul, the two great missionaries of the Church.

Through Mission Together - the children's branch of Missio - children all over the world join in a unique exchange of love and friendship with Jesus and with one another, as they pray for, and share what they have, with children living in poverty overseas.

This year the celebration is particularly special as it marks 175 years of children around the world living out Mission Together's motto: 'children helping children'. Bishop John told the children how we follow in the footsteps of St Peter and St Paul by doing one thing, namely, to Share Our Faith With Others.

Before the close of Mass Bishop John blessed the Mission Rosary beads that were given to all the children who attended and asked them to pray the Mission Rosary for children living in hardship in all five continents of the world.

Thank you to Bishop John for a wonderful Mass, to the staff who escorted their pupils and especially to the children who participated so beautifully in the Mass, processions, prayers and singing and for joining hands with children all over the world in being 'children helping children'.

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