A Very Special Gift Box

Delivering the gift of God's love

Posted by Claire Colleran on Mon 18th December, 2017 in News

On a very cold December morning there was a warm glow emanating from St Anthony’s Girl’s Catholic Academy, Sunderland. St Anthony’s were holding their annual Faith Festival and amongst the many faith leaders and organisations invited to participate, was Missio, the Catholic Church’s official charity for overseas mission. 

Missio were delighted to work with St Anthony’s students, discussing how faith in Christ motivates Missio and its supporters to bring the hope of the Gospel and practical aid where there is turmoil, poverty and uncertainty in the world. 

Drawing links with the gift of Christ’s birth and the example set by the adult Jesus, students were asked to consider how they too could give the gift of God’s love to others this Christmas; those close to home and those far away.  Suggestions were pinned to a giant Red Box and included: visiting elderly relatives, listening to a younger sibling, donating to Missio, supporting a parent, praying for those living in places of conflict. 

A challenge was then set to test the students’ ability to listen, support and work with each other, as they aimed to fit as many classmates as possible into their Missio Red Gift Box. St Anthony’s excelled, 18 students broke Missio’s previous record of 13! The activity reinforced the lessons that by following the example of Christ and sharing God’s love with all, we become gifts for the world.

Missio would like to thank the students at St Anthony’s Academy, for their enthusiastic participation in their Missio workshop. Thanks also to St Anthony’s RE Department who coordinated another inspiring Faith Festival. 

If you are interested in hosting a Missio workshop at your school, please contact claire@missio.org.uk To find out more about the work of Missio and to download our school assemblies visit the Education pages on our website by clicking HERE