Videos of Missio's work around the world

Below you will find videos about what the positive difference your support is making throughout the world.

Videos which are on our Vimeo channel can easily be downloaded by clicking here, clicking on the video, scrolling below the video and clicking 'Download'. 

What is Missio? Is a film to introduce the breadth of Missio's work. It focuses on your support of the Church in Malawi. 

Red Box in Kenya highlights the work your donations through the Red Box support in Kenya.

Red Box Film: Kenya from Missio on Vimeo.

Missio in Malawi focuses on the Pirimiti Boys Boarding House, which is supported by Missio.

Red Box in Cambodia - explores the life-changing work of a missionary sister in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, supported by you through the Red Box.

Sr Sonia's Journey - a film made to be shown to children, but worth watching by all! Meet Sr Sonia, a missionary in Malawi who started a clinic in a village community.

Mission Together in Cambodia - a fillm about the work of Missio's children's branch, Mission Together.