Advent and Christmastide

Secondary School Resources for the Advent and Christmas Seasons

Missio has produced a series of assemblies to accompany each week of Advent.

Our assemblies employ and explore traditional Advent scriptures; helping students journey meaningfully towards Christmas whilst considering their role as contemporary missionaries - delivering God's love in today's world. 

As a reminder to students that Christmastide extends beyond December 25, Missio has also prepared assemblies to accompany important Christmas Feasts;  The Epiphany and Baptism of Our Lord.  Both resources highlight our Christian call to bring the love of God to all, through faith and action. 

Our Advent and Christmastide assemblies focus on our international projects, enabling pupils to discover how the Universal Church is bringing  the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love of Christ to those living in poverty, regardless of background or belief.

Our Advent and Christmastide resources are available to download below.