About the Society of St Peter the Apostle

Training Priests and Sisters Overseas

The Society of St Peter the Apostle (SPA) is the branch of Missio responsible for the training of future priests and religious sisters in mission dioceses.

This society was founded by Jeanne Bigard (right) in 1889. Through prayer and finance it has continued to provide younger churches in the developing world with the essential help they need to train their own priests and sisters.

Thanks to your support, Missio is able to train 30,000 seminarians and 10,000 religious sisters around the world.

In 1922, Pope Pius XI placed the SPA under papal patronage and gave it the task of supporting each and every seminary in the missionary world.

Without your help, mission dioceses would struggle to fund the training of the priests they so urgently need.

Even one new priest makes a world of difference to the lives of Catholics in remote areas, where Mass may only be celebrated three or four times in a single year.

The priest works today to build the Church of tomorrow. You can give the gift of faith by sponsoring a future priest through our Sponsorship Scheme or by donating to the SPA.

SPA supporters receive Mission Tomorrow magazine free of charge.