About the Pontifical Missionary Union

Nurturing a Worldwide Missionary Spirit

The Pontifical Missionary Union (PMU) promotes an awareness of mission and a spirit of unity, prayer and generous sacrifice among priests, religious and laity.

In England and Wales one of the ways we do this is our annual World Mission Conference, alongside the Mill Hill Missionaries, the Catholic Missionary Union, hosted by Heythrop College, London.

Information on the World Mission Day Conference can be found by clicking here.

Prior to 2014, PMU produced a quarterly theological review of mission (Mission Outlook) which aimed to educate and encourage the interest of priests, religious and laity in the missionary work of the Church. 

In many countries, the success of the three other missionary societies is linked to the vitality of the Missionary Union. It is through this work that the missionary spirit of prayer and generous sacrifice is developed and nurtured. The baptismal mandate, promoted by the PMU, to 'go to all nations and proclaim the Good News' is what inspires so many men and women, religious and lay to witness and share their faith with so many more.

The history of the PMU

In 1916 Fr Paolo Manna (right), a missionary serving in Myanmar (then called Burma), formed the Missionary Union of Priests and Religious, an organisation that would help him to share the spiritual graces he had received through his work in bringing the Good News of Christ to others.

He wanted to encourage those already engaged in the work of the Church at home, to support the work of the overseas Church and perhaps to become missionaries themselves.