World Mission Conference 2017

World Mission Day Conference

Catholic Mission in Today's World

Each year, Missio works in partnership with the Mill Hill Missionaries and the Catholic Missionary Union to organise the World Mission Conference, hosted by Heythrop College, London. 

The conference seeks to bring together all those interested in mission within a Catholic context around the world. Participants include current and former missionaries, priests, religious sisters and brothers, lay people, bishops, academics and students. 

World Mission Conference 2017 - Wednesday, 11 October, 10.30am - 1.30pm, Heythrop College

We are pleased to announce that in 2017, Fr Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, SJ will be travelling to join us from Nairobi, Kenya. He will speak on 'Pope Francis: A new vision for mission?'

Fr Orabator is a skilled communicator, with a vast experience of the Church in Africa. Originally from Nigeria, he was Provincial Superior of the Eastern Africa Province of the Jesuits, which includes Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan.

He will explore with us the influence of Pope Francis on the mission of the Church in Africa, and what this may be telling us in England and Wales.

As usual, the conference is free, but please register in advance online: or call/email Richard Owens on 01704 533708 or

Previous conferences

In 2014, Rev. Dr Stephen Bevans SVD was the keynote speaker for the inaugural conference, speaking on 'The Evangelii Gaudium Effect: New Directions for Mission Today'.

Prof. Lamin Sanneh of Yale Divinity School spoke in 2015 on the theme, 'Dialogue Between North and South: What we can learn about interfaith and mission'.

In the 150th anniversary year of the founding of the St Joseph's Missionary Society, Rev. Robert O'Neil MHM (biographer of the founder of the Mill Hill Missionaries, as the Society is known), spoke about 'Learning From the Past to Shape the Future: The contribution of the Church in England and Wales to overseas mission and its enduring legacy'.

This is a joint venture seeking to foster conversation about world mission in the Church and wider society, put on by Missio, Catholic Missionary Union, Mill Hill Missionaries and Heythrop College.